Friday, May 1, 2009

"Urban Life" New Outfit Comming Soon

This is the new outfit from Acid and Mala Creations, its not for sale yet but it will be on monday 4 of May 2009.

Hello and welcome. I am roxan, im a reporter and a Acid and Mala Creations model.
I wanted to show you today this new outfit that is the new release from Acid and Mala Creations. "Urban Life".

In my experience as a model i have to wear a lot of outfits. I found this outfit really nice and very good quality.

Lets star from the top. The jacket its like a sport style. It has a white draw with wings and a skull, like a tattoo sort of drawing. The black jacket comes with two sculpted wrinckles in the upper arms, and a collar with the zipper sculpted too. This jacket comes with a white sptriped shirt.

In the bottom its has a wonderful belt, and a chain with keys, a skull, and an 8 ball. In the front of the belt is has a buckle with the Acid and Mala Creations logo. What is really cool about this belt is that it adjust to the body very well. being sculpted it was made with the Second Life default shape.

The pants. Are like tartan sort of trama. Rolled on the knees with a sculptd wrinckle, and a strap with a classic buckle.

At last. This outfit comes with one pair of white socks, and something classic from Acid and Mala Creations, the "biker gloves".

Thanks you for listen to this review. See you next time.

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