Friday, August 12, 2011

.:A&M:. @ The Platinum Hunt II - Rock Attitude Hunt

Rock Attitude Hunt runs since august 1st until 15th.
You can get great creations from some of the best brands of sl
like LouLou & CO, Sassy Kitty, Ancayi, Bubble and more.
All you need is to find a little box hiden in their stores placed in
Ancayi and American Bazaar sim.
Each box cost 5l, but you will get more than you pay for!

Sculpted top with zebra print pattern. Includes 2 sculpted
attachments (w/without beads) copy and modify,
and 3 clothe layers (only copy). You must find a little blue
jewel case to get it. Each item of this hunt costs 10l and
there are more than 100 stores offering you a good deal
if you find them. More info here :

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